May 10, 2007

Grace's Sport Day

What a blessed day today. Feel great because today there’s a wonderful event to attend. :) Wake up early and get ready to have our Church’s sport Day. We are divided into 3 groups according to our cell group. There’s not so many of us come that morning, but its o.k. guys...we come here to have a wonderful relationship with others even though there’s just a small number of us today. Yeah, that what I mean just now, even though it’s just a few of us that morning. But we had a great time ever. :) Really blessed by the participation from everyone. Hye thanks to the organizer “Abg Lowes” (Clara voice) :)

We started the day in the middle of the hot sun…ha ha it’s time to burn out... :) When I looked at the sky and the bright shining sunrise…I can imagine that God is smiling to us... :) hye Dee, too much imagination.

Well, we just play a simple games...I mean lots of funny and fun games. Ha ha…hye, know what? The mother’s team is so strong and full of energy compared than some of us. Wow! How come they are so strong? Well, back to the story, the most fantastic games is the soccer mixed by male and female footballer…ha ha.

Well, luckily our cell group is the winner for the day. But most of all, glad to see everyone happy today. The most important thing here is, we’ve been blessed by the participation from everyone.

God Bless!!

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