October 28, 2007

Last Day

Today is my last day in school. I mean my last day as a teacher. There’s a mix feeling in me…I can feel relief a bit but in depth of my heart I feel I’m going to miss those experiences here especially with all the naughty2x students. Yea, usually I hate when talk about “goodbye”. I’ve experience it before during my school time. Kind of hard to explain and I’m pretty sure you guys also know how it feel.

Today, I’ve plan not to teaching but spend more time with my students. Yea, 2 months doesn’t really enough for me to know lots about them. It’s been a while didn’t talk to them because last week is a school holiday for “hari raya”. So, today is the first day to school after holiday and it is the last day for me here. I thought lots of them will absent today because it’s the first day after holiday…guess what? They all came to school today (smiling). Most of them knew that it’s going to be the last day with me. So they keep on asking “isn’t really the last day?” Erm…so I wonder if they want me to go or to stay? Whatever…

I take lots of pictures of them which I’ll keep as my memory here. Wow! They are so excited when facing with the camera hah…I’ll show it through the photos later. I’m lucky because too many good experiences and opportunity I got here. So, I wish all the best to everyone. God Bless!

October 9, 2007

Magic Tree

Magic tree
Seem like we are in the spring season. Why I said so, it is because of the spring views that happen in front of my house. For anybody know where my house is, come to my house then later you’ll know how it is look like. Actually my family mango tree totally died 100% now. Confirm! Kind of weird for us seeing the tree suddenly died with no reason. Kind of frustrated sometime when I think about it. We love the mango tree so much. Now it’s gone. It’s hard when we lost something that we really care about. Am I right? *sigh*

The mango tree really brings lots of memories. For us it’s a magic tree. It is because the tree usually non stop producing fruits months by months. It’s totally different from the other mango trees. The mango fruits color is pink plus green. It’s like an apple when look at it from far. The tree reminds me lots of my father. He is the one who use to plant it before. Kind of sad when know the tree is gone now. We all know there must be a reason why these things happen. But sometime, the tree looks great at night view. Look like ghost story scenery in the night. Believe me. Some of my friends also said the tree look great without the leaves LOL! (Laughing) Happy Halloween…

So, whenever the tree is gone now…hopefully the memories will never be fading away.

October 8, 2007

Bad Day

Today I consider this day as a bad day for me. I still thank Lord for the new day that He gives me to go on to. Today I wake up early in the morning because I can’t sleep well within this few days. Erm…I felt so tired and always felt angry. Maybe because I’m use to it nowadays…always became angry in the classroom with all the naughty students. Hurm…tension!

That morning I tried to check on my friendster profile…oh no! The internet connection is too bad at the moment. It’s been 3 days I couldn’t connect well with the website. So sad for me…something wrong with my profile and I don’t really know what’s was going on with it. Never mind … the time is running so fast, its 10.15 already. I have to prepare the lunch for my sister and niece. Oh, I almost forgot about it. Later I have to fetch Michelle at her kindergarten. Quit busy that morning…so I prepared our lunch quickly.

uyot and michelle playing monopoly
michelle (upet)

Before I fetch Michelle, I ask uyot (my youngest sister) to help me to do something at home…but! Arghhh!! She’s in a bad mood too I guess where finally we argue for each other. Huhu what a bad day for me. Feeling so bad make me ready to school so early that day…. UNTIL, here’s the climax of my bad day.

When I try to fetch Michelle at her school…they ask me who I am to fetch her up. They felt curious looking at me because I never fetch Michelle before this. It’s my mum job but she’s kind of busy that morning. When I try to say I am Michelle auntie, the old teacher didn’t believe me and she’s started pretend that I tried to cheat them?! What?! Nonsense isn’t it? This old teacher really spoils my mood that day. So again, I quarrel with her. Really felt stupid that day. I’m in rush to school and this old teacher keep asking me some stupid questions that she shouldn’t ask. Hurh… lastly, getting tired of quarrel with that old teacher, I ask her makes a call to my house if she does still don’t believe me! Satisfied? I rushed back home to send Michelle and drive to school.
That’s the end of the story…

October 2, 2007

Jill’s Wedding

Jill’s wedding was on the 25th August last month. It is a great family moment we had. This is the moment where we can meet every one of our family members. I love those moments so much. Wonderful day we had yet it’s a bit tiring. Time past by so fast and today, Jill getting married already. I still remember the childhood moments we’ve been together. We shared a lot in common… yea, tomorrow never be the same like before...but feel happy for her.

Well, it is a tired morning for us. The wedding ceremony will start at 10.00 in the morning. So we had to wake up early to prepare our self. Thanks to Mona Lisa Bridal for the make up and beautiful wedding dress for the day. Well, everyone looked excited that morning. It’s like a long morning for us there while me and roger (Joe’s bro) felt funny looking at Joe always asking us the time.
The moment Jill walked along the way to the her groom…Depth in my heart I said... ”this is the best moment ever”it was like a dream comes true. He he that moment...I’m too sure two hearts beating soooo fast! Feel really weird because I feel nervous even thought it’s not my wedding day…silly! So I act cool then…

wedding ceremony

Happy faces ...

wedding reception

party time
So, Haha later that night, we had Jill’s wedding reception at Dynasty Hotel. More pupils came that night. Wonderful night too remembers and we had our great time ever. The most happening moments is when JAMBATAN TAMPARULI song is performed by Joe’s uncle. Joe’s family members representing their sumazau dance. Guess what? Haha it seems like everyone volunteers to dances lol! I felt funny looking at those people who really look excited to dances. Well, that night I’ve learned sumazau dance too.

So...to make it short here…just go through those pictures, you guys will find how memorable that day for us. I on behalf of my family members would like to thank you to everyone who came that beautiful day. God Bless Everyone. Adios!!!

September 26, 2007

I wrote about us

The loneliness bothering me again…Why nowadays isn’t turn to be good for me? I felt so boring and I really miss all those moments during my university time. Feel like I miss all my friends, especially my housemates. Hye! I mean it… I miss it when we all used to “lepak” at Wira Sejati during our dinner time. Yea…how I wish I could be there now and make an order for “Nasi Putih + Ayam Goreng Kunyit?” yummy! That’s my favorite order. He he
Selvia, I miss to spend time with you at “Only Mee Restaurant” lol! Remember it when we rather spend so much money just to lunch at the place? “Kong Poh” is our favorite one! Even though we don’t have so much money…you and I still wanted to go there. Haha we eat until so full.

Me, Alma, Selvia, Betty, Adeline & Gladys
crazy time

look at selvia there!

Gladys, you are my sleeping partner. (No…no…we are not like you guys think) We use to sleep at the dining room rather than to sleep in the bedroom. Yea, we enjoyed so much sleeping outside right? We chat a lot before we sleep hah? Hye Betty, I’m sure you will felt envy when you read this. Hehe Girls, how I wish I could turn back time. Life…life…I wish the happy moment won’t be fade so fast. I miss every moment especially the time when we use to hang out in town. Shopaholic us! Yea, I’m still hold the “shopaholic” title hah? I guess not anymore? Watch out! Selvia will take over the title. Haha…

Alma? Huhu…I miss this cute lady. Too many funny stories about her. You guys should know her well lol…she’s such a wonderful lady. Hye mama, I know some of your secrets…heehaw. This girl usually couldn't’t close the door every time she came back from class because she is busy to do something in urgent. :) Sshhh! Yea...Yea...I’ll keep the secret.

Betty even thought I knew you just in little of time. But we become a good friend…aka a good fighter hah? He he… we always bully each other. I knew a bit about her. I guess this girl need 24 hours to sleep in one day. Ha-ha she’s a good sleeper! Wei, you sleep too much. You know that? Here she come our sleeping beauty.

Friends, I’ll be coming soon. Hopefully the days will be so great for us. May God bless each every of you.

August 31, 2007

New Job...

It’s time for me to update something here…guess what? I got a job already. Thanks God for it. Never thought of become a teacher. What I mean is, I am a teacher now. But…it’s only for 2 months (temporary teacher). At last I have something to do while I’m waiting for my graduation day in November. I will be teaching at St Joseph Primary school here in Miri. It’s been 2 weeks already and I found it’s kind of challenged.

Even thought it’s just for 2 months…I think it is good for me rather than staying at home without doing anything. Somewhere somehow…I’ll be pay at the end of the month. Aite? Luckily I’m in the afternoon session, so I don’t have to wake up so early in the morning. Hehe lazy gurl. First day at school is the weirdest experience for me. Kind of weird when everyone is calling you Teacher! Teacher! But now, I’m use to it. It’s become 1 of my name nowadays. I think become a teacher is a great opportunity for me. The first day is like wow! I’m a teacher now. I feel great and lucky to have this experience. Now I know how it’s feeling to be a teacher. In this few weeks, there is my boring week because it is an exam weeks…so, there’s not much to do. We just had our relax time if there’s nothing to do. But, too much relax will turned to a boring time! Huhu…

For me the best moment become a teacher is that teaching time…I enjoyed being with my students all the time. Although they are too noisy and lazy sometimes, yea…that’s kids’ rite? Is like that whole world belongs to them … kids are too curious sometimes…they too much complaining, too much questions and too much of wondering. Some questions and complains aren’t too serious but they still keep asking me about all stuffs. Sometimes its makes me laughed all by myself. Day by days already and I kind of like to be in teacher heels now. Although it is just only for 2 months…I thank God for this opportunity to be a teacher.

August 14, 2007

Finding My Soul Mate

What a blessed day I had here…Everyone seemed to get married soon. (Actually not everyone but some of my relatives will get married this year. Wonderful right? I’m happy and excited for them. Can’t wait for the day. Well, Sis Jill wedding day will be held within this month too. Hurm, time running so fast I guess.

I still remember the day we had as a sister since we are child. It seems that I got no friend to shared everything soon. Jill got her new friend! Hu hu…Yah, sis Pat still too young too shared problems and story with me. As too many young man and women will get married soon, I wanted to share this prayer and poem for every one of you. Enjoy it! God know everything we need and don’t worry to be single until HE sends you the ONE that you waiting for…

Finding My Soul Mate

Lord, I pray for the person whom You called to join me and walk through life with me, side by side. Be (him/her) right now. Comfort (him/her) in (him/her) difficult times and watch over (him/her) as (he/she) sleeps. I only want the person whom You have chosen for me. Keep me always from others who are not the right one. Show me what is good for me and what is bad for me in choosing this friend for life. I want to stay on the road that You have for me.

I want to find someone who will love me with (him/her) whole heart and will always be there for me. I want to marry someone whose personality, vision, and purpose lines up perfectly with mine. I want someone whose relationship with You is outstanding. I want (him/her) to know You and to be extremely close to You.

Help me to be good spouse. Help me to serve my companion always and remain true to (him/her). Help me to not anxious to find (him/her), but to be patient and know that You know my spouse very well.

August 10, 2007


After the final semester in my University…came back to my hometown and become jobless. Kind of bored to be jobless I guess. You guys? One thing in my mind is that should I going back to east Malaysia to seek a job there? Or stay here and work here in my hometown. I miss my advertising world. Quit difficult for me to find a job here because there’s no advertising agency in Miri. (Correct me if I’m wrong) I wish to work here but thinking of my future…maybe I should going back to east Malaysia and find a job that suit with my qualification. Should I? Argh!! This thing really stresses me out.

At the moment, still seek for a job here. Hopefully god will help me to cope with this thing. I thing the best thing now is to be here for a while before my graduation in November. I can’t wait about it…I miss all of my friends already although it just a couple of months we are separated from each other. Some of them got the job already. Huh, pretty tough to find a job here in Miri. But still I love to be here. Moreover, Jill will be married in the end of this month. Hopefully if I got the job, hopefully it’s not going to be so far from Miri. Then, I can be there on her wedding day. He he hopefully everything will gonna be lucky for me in searching for a job here. Depth in my heart, I know PAPA J gonna handle everything for me…wish me luck!

August 9, 2007

Breezy day…

Last Sunday, my cousin and the three of us went to Esplanade beach. It’s been a while we didn’t go there. Surprise to see so many people went to here today. Wow! I’m kind of someone who miss something here I guess. Maybe because of I spend most of my time in East Malaysia…it’s been 5 years already I’m far away from Miri. I just come back during the semester break and it’s just for a couple of months. And during the holiday, most of my time I spend at home. Now, I’m surprise to see so many changes happened in Miri. Miri become a paradise for everyone here. hehe I try to promoting my city here.

So, back to the story. Compared between Esplanade beach and Tanjong Lobang beach, I guess I preferred more on Tanjong Lobang beach. I don’t know why. Maybe Tanjong Lobang beach is more family values. hehe most of my time (24/7) with my family. Yea, most of my friends are married already, there only me and Jay left. hehe be proud Jay…that’s why I preferred Tanjong than Explanade. What about you guys? Erm, the wind is so strong today…kind of hard for us to take photos because of the heavy wind. But we managed to take a couple of it. Its 6.30 pm…time to go back. Before we went back home, along the way back, we are in time to see there’s a couple of food stall are in a critical condition. The wind blow so strong and it’s mostly broke the stall mast. Today aren’t lucky day for us. We come late and we went back early. Huhu what a day…breezy…breezy evening.

Malay wedding

Erm, this story supposedly be updated in the last month…but I’m quite busy. So…the story begin on the July 8, Sis Jill and I went for her sister friend wedding in Dewan Suarah Hall. Guess what? I’m surprise to see the groom is my friend! Haha…its Fuad’s wedding. Congratulation man! Well, I like the wed theme color, its blue…looked harmonies. I like the bridal suite so much. It’s look like the garden wedding. I’ve been to Malay wedding before in Kelana Jaya for Alma’s friend wedding. But it’s different from this time. Fuad’s wedding is more glamorous…I guess? Hehe.

So, back to the story. The wedding start on 10.30am that morning. The hall started to be hilarious when the Bride and the groom come into the hall. Then some of the elder women and man sang a Malay traditional song. 1 new thing I’ve learn from Malay wedding is about “makan beradat” or …what they call it? Never mind, its sound like that. Hehe… erm, different from others wedding I guess. And also they do some traditional custom too. It’s happy to see one of my childhood friends there too. Well, Zuria has become my best childhood friend before. Then I know she is the bridegroom first cousin. Lucky me? Hehe
After having some chat with Zuria, Jill asked us to go back. Hye, here we took some pictures doh! I guess I started to love blue color…I love blue. I love blue… (“,)

I put on weight...U?

Nowadays, I guess I have put on weight already…hehe. Erm, I have to do something from now on. Maybe set on diet? Erm…actually I never put on diet. So I don’t really know how to start my diet. I know the most difficult part is the beginning of diet. I’ve heard and read from the magazines how difficult when someone started their diet. Moreover, I can’t stop from eating something that I really love to eat! Hehe

Herm…last weekend my sister took us to have some jog. Yeah! I’m happy to hear that…Maybe it will be a good time for me to start my diet? Hekhek…so, we went to jogging place which is not too far from my home. (Beside Bumiko) There are a lot of people went there too. Well, I like the place where everyone doesn’t seem to bother each other. So, I don’t have to be shy to jogging! Hehe… We have a great evening…while in the same time we enjoy the hill view from the jogging place. We meet some of my mum friends there too. But a bit weird when most of the people who went to jog here are mostly oldies… that’s life. I guess when the young people turn older then they will try to have a healthy life…hehe. Maybe now is time for young people to enjoy and have fun? Think about it…

July 8, 2007

The Crocodile Hunter

Feel so excited today…we are going to crocodile farm at Kuala Baram. It’s been a while I didn't go there. So, guess what? We are going to be a Crocodile hunter. Thanks to Joe (Jill’s fiancĂ©) actually because of him we are here today.

I was surprised to see a lot of new development they made here. Wow! I become more excited to visit the croco and other animals. What a wonderful place Miri city have? If I’m not mistaken, I think there are no other places that have a big crocodile farm like Miri have? Mirian should be proud of this. I’ve been visited other zoo and animal farms in other city in Malaysia. But, the biggest Crocodile farm is in Miri. The croco here is so big also. Wow! Can u believe that? No wonder Sarawak is famous of “Bujang Senang”. Great!

Luckily, when we reached there, it's a lunch time for the crocodiles. I become more excited to watch them having their lunch. he he Erm, many visitor came here today…it is look more happening when some visitors make some noise when the farm worker try to feeds the croco. You guys should see how the croco jumped from the water and tried have their lunch. Eeee…kind of scary to be in this kind of place sometimes. I wonder how long “Bujang Senang” is.

There are a lot of big crocodiles here. They are divided into many stage according to they ages and physical. What I mean is some of the crocodiles are blind and some other are from different species.

Here, it is not just a place for the crocodiles but also for the other animals such as deer, bear, ostrich, snakes, monkey and more. Sound interesting right? Everyone should come here I think?

The most exciting time is when we are allowed to feeds the animals except for the crocodile. He he kind of funny when we tried to feeds the monkeys with the bananas, sometimes it is not the bananas they grab but our hand! Urghh…they are too hyper. So, I guess until for the next visit and hopefully there a more animals to be feeds soon.

June 24, 2007

Happy father's day

Happy Father’s day to all fathers out there. Nothing much happened today actually, just that father’s day remind me of someone that I used to call “Daddy” before. Having such a wonderful father is one of the greatest gifts of all to me. How I miss to call that name again. It’s been 8 years already God take you from us. I believe God loves you more than anyone else. As a human being, I have to learn what God has a plan for every one of us.

I still remember the memories that you left for us. How wonderful you are dad. Now, we miss you so much. Nothing can explain it. Even though you always not around because of the traveling schedule of your job, but our relationship are so close. Now, you are gone. Life gets tougher without you. God created you only one…We know you will not be replaced by anyone else. You such a wonderful person in our life. Daddy, you are the one, who always live in our heart. You are always be remembered by your family and your loves one.

I believe that one day we all going to meet again. I know it will be forever in one place where we will find happiness forever। I’m going to miss you…Daddy.

May 10, 2007

Grace's Sport Day

What a blessed day today. Feel great because today there’s a wonderful event to attend. :) Wake up early and get ready to have our Church’s sport Day. We are divided into 3 groups according to our cell group. There’s not so many of us come that morning, but its o.k. guys...we come here to have a wonderful relationship with others even though there’s just a small number of us today. Yeah, that what I mean just now, even though it’s just a few of us that morning. But we had a great time ever. :) Really blessed by the participation from everyone. Hye thanks to the organizer “Abg Lowes” (Clara voice) :)

We started the day in the middle of the hot sun…ha ha it’s time to burn out... :) When I looked at the sky and the bright shining sunrise…I can imagine that God is smiling to us... :) hye Dee, too much imagination.

Well, we just play a simple games...I mean lots of funny and fun games. Ha ha…hye, know what? The mother’s team is so strong and full of energy compared than some of us. Wow! How come they are so strong? Well, back to the story, the most fantastic games is the soccer mixed by male and female footballer…ha ha.

Well, luckily our cell group is the winner for the day. But most of all, glad to see everyone happy today. The most important thing here is, we’ve been blessed by the participation from everyone.

God Bless!!

May 1, 2007

Friend In deed is a Friend In need

It’s 1.55 am. I couldn't close my eyes. Erm, maybe it’s because I take a long nap in the afternoon. Usually I don’t really sleep in the afternoon but today I did maybe because I fell so tired with all the works. Feel so quit outside, everyone are slept already escaped me. Hurh, I wanted to sleep but still not feeling sleepy yet. Wrote something in my diary but still don't feel sleepy. Erm, there’s a voices at the dining room? Haha, guess what? Some of my friends still awake. Erm, so I’m not the only one who is still awake. Funny looking at them doing some egg mask on their faces. I want to joined them but feel so lazy to put all the make on my face and have to wait for it until it get dry.

Friendship never end

My mind couldn't stop thinking about all my childhood memories. Try to recall the past memories. Wonder why… Just a few days ago, meet some of my childhood friends’ trough the Friendster profile. I miss everyone actually. All the memories keep spinning in my mind. Erm, wanted to meet everyone but I understand that everyone are busy with their owned life. Me also, I’m also too busy with my study and all the assignments to submit. While browsing through everyone profile, happy to see everyone have their happy life now.

Yeah, some of them are married already. That’s normal. Congratulation! :) I’m happy for you guys. Some of them already have their lil angels in their life. (Kids) :) Really fell wanted to meet everyone. Fell excited to unite like before. :) Talking about how’s everyone life now. That’s must be so sweet. Haha

Actually, we didn’t realize when the time pass by. It’s been 5 years we’ve been apart. Now, everyone has their own life. At the moment, kind of miss everyone. :) I miss the laughter, jokes and all the crazy stuffs we’ve done together. Well, time been past by. There’s a life to come. I will cherished all the memories as one of the most wonderful moment in my life. Hopefully, we will meet someday. Pray for the day to come.

“A Friend is always loyal, and a brother is been to help in time of need”
– Proverb 17:12

God bless everyone…(",)

April 10, 2007

Class Party...

Wonderful night while spending times with wonderful peoples makes us hardly to forget those days. Just came back from Chino’s house. It’s our class party. Have a great time ever with my classmates. I’m going to miss everyone after this because this is our last semester for us here as a University student. For those you guys who has ever been through this situation must really miss all those right? :)

Actually, never thought of going to the party because just came back from KL with my housemates. Accompany them make some shopping stuffs.. for their coming convocation. Feel a bit tired and planned to take a nap early tonight. At the last minutes plan, my friends called me and fetched me up. Thanks Leen. So, I decided to go because this is the last class party for our class. Arrived at Chino’s house at 9.30 pm and saw all of my classmates are there already. Hah, I’m the only one who came late to the party. Huh! How come I’m so late? Happy to see everyone are there too. Hey everyone. Here I come!

Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves while some of us crazy taking pictures. Yeah, advertising’s students are crazy in taking pictures! Hye, there’s a lot of foods too. Great! “Bedal habis-habisan” :) at last, we all really full. Some of my friends love to make jokes...Yeah; they’re supposed to be a joker I guess. Sorry guys, just kidding. Well, good entertainment for the night. :) Especially for the cacamerba guy…you’re so funny.

Almost 11.30 pm already, saw everyone is leaving the party already. Maybe everyone is tired and full. Fell a bit quiet now. Don’t know what to do. The most interesting part is my friend planned something to do. Guess what? All of us planned to take some Scholl photo version of us. We spoiled the pictures by making variety kind of posing. Really interesting this part. There’s variety of faces expression and body posing. Crazy us. Yeah, that’s us. Advertising’s student love taking photos. Maybe some people are not interested with photos but for us we do. That’s one of the hobbies. :)

After tired with all the crazy stuffs…everyone decided to watched TV and chat with the others while eating again and again. I guess after this everyone will increased their weight. Ahakz! Hye friends, just kidding. Maybe some of us still feel hungry...Yeah, assumed it as our supper that night. :) After all the wonderful night. I’m going to miss the night. :) Have a lot of funs tonight, realized that every memory have it own value to remembered. Hopefully, there’s another party before we end up this last semester guys…Chino! We want another party…he he

God Bless Everyone…

The Purpose Driven Life

Just finished reading the first chapter of Purpose Driven Life Book…wow, For me the book is great. I ever bought about the book in the last few years ago. But never feel to read it. Don’t know why. Until now, I realized this book has bring me the some explanations what on earth am I here for? Feel glad that I’ve found something to redeem myself…yes, by reading the book; I have learned something that i never know before.

The funny thing is, I have bought the same book before for someone else as a birthday gift. So, that mean this is the second time I’ve bought the same book and at the same book shop. The book is such a groundbreaking manifesto on the meaning of life.The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here? What is my purpose? This books suggest that people should look within, at their own desires and dreams, but writer says the starting place must be with God and his eternal purposes for each life. Real meaning and significance comes from understanding and fulfilling God’s purposes for putting us on earth.

The first chapter caught my attention, “What on Earth Am I Here For?” Have we thought that what on earth we are here for? For who we life? I never thought of this question before. I thought I live on earth just because I’ve born to this wonderful world. I never thought of something better than this. But the real answer through my question all this while stated here in this book. The real explanations that most of us has never think. The book told the purpose of our life, how greater it is more or even our own fulfillment, our peace of mind or even our own happiness. It’s far greater than our family, our career or even our wildest dreams and ambitions. Something new I learned here, that I’ve been placed into this earth all because I am belong to Him…to His purpose.

When we only focused on ourselves, we will never reveal our‘s life purpose. We cannot arrive at our life’s purpose by starting with a focus on our self but learned to begin everything in Him, our Creator. There some quote from this book; “You exist only because God wills that you exist. You are made by God and for God and until you understand that, life will never make sense”. I guess there a lot more to discover from this book. Hopefully it will bring more explanation on what on earth are us here for. So, for you guys…from now on, I prayed that all of us will discover the purpose of our life and what on earth are we really for...

Until then, God Bless Everyone…. (",)

April 3, 2007

The faith In me...

Feel so released nowadays, it’s been a few months I was searching the truth in me. The peace in me… had a lot of things in my mind before. But now it slowly fades away. Yeah, life doesn’t seem to be perfect always…but sometimes we will face the challenges in life. And that teaches us to be strong. Sometimes we didn’t know what is the best for our life until we see the way through it. Above all, I know there is somebody that always there by my side. He is my savior the Lord Jesus Christ. He brings me out from all the burdens in me. In His scriptures He has wrote in (Matthew 11:28 – 29) “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. For I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls”.

I know He always been there for me and also for us friends. Without Him I know I’m lost. Whatever happened through our life, take it as God plans in our life. He is planning something better than we ever imagined. For a better future…So, get up and arise while we still have time to develop our self again better than before. Never felt down as he is always being there for us. Always! Life can changed whenever it could change. Take all the pain as the challenges for us to renewed our self…learns to forgive each other is the first thing and the best thing in the way for us to change. He has said in His scripture that “I tell you; love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be the sons of your father in Heaven”. (Matthew 5:44-45)

I feel happy with my life now because I know there is somebody you always watch over me. J Maybe this is the beginning of the new person in me. I’m going to finish my study in University and feel so excited to go into the career world. Hopefully there is a better story in a way to comes. Hope the dream will be come true….

May God Bless Everyone…

March 22, 2007


Hi every1..finally i managed to have my personal blog..thanks to my new friend Brian. i really appreciated it. He is the 1 who introduced me to create my blog here. So, today is the first day i post my blog..hope to write more soon..u guys out there..if u feel free..just drop on your comments or something to shares here..Adios!

God Bless Every1....

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