August 9, 2007

I put on weight...U?

Nowadays, I guess I have put on weight already…hehe. Erm, I have to do something from now on. Maybe set on diet? Erm…actually I never put on diet. So I don’t really know how to start my diet. I know the most difficult part is the beginning of diet. I’ve heard and read from the magazines how difficult when someone started their diet. Moreover, I can’t stop from eating something that I really love to eat! Hehe

Herm…last weekend my sister took us to have some jog. Yeah! I’m happy to hear that…Maybe it will be a good time for me to start my diet? Hekhek…so, we went to jogging place which is not too far from my home. (Beside Bumiko) There are a lot of people went there too. Well, I like the place where everyone doesn’t seem to bother each other. So, I don’t have to be shy to jogging! Hehe… We have a great evening…while in the same time we enjoy the hill view from the jogging place. We meet some of my mum friends there too. But a bit weird when most of the people who went to jog here are mostly oldies… that’s life. I guess when the young people turn older then they will try to have a healthy life…hehe. Maybe now is time for young people to enjoy and have fun? Think about it…

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