November 29, 2010

Imaginary Crush

I keep thinking

Wondering all the time

First time I heard about you

Who are you?

It’s all about you...

It’s spinning around my world

the story about you

keep coloring my days

Still not so sure why there’s a sound in me

keep haunting me

Awaiting to hear story of you

Since I heard your beautiful name.
I try to tell myself
It is just another someone story,

But...there’s something inside that’s makes me want to know more about you,

Days passed by,

Trying to climb up to the dreams,

Going own my way.

wish to hear another story about you...

And hoping that I will see you one day,


Trying getting you out of my mind

Thinking I’m going crazy this time...

I try to tell myself,

It’s just a crush...trying to run away from the feeling

I hope I can

To push away the feeling

Cause I never get to know you and to know who you are...

November 28, 2010

I'm Back

Hye..I'm back..Life been so busy lately, but I'm not yet leaving..just disappear for a while.. It's December..and I can't wait for Mr.Christmas...Hohoho :)


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