May 15, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come...

2 days ago, I was attended an open interview for a job in my hometown Miri. It’s something to do with education. At the first place, I never thought that I will going for it because the time I know about the interview, it’s kinda late to apply for leave on the next day. But God is good, at the right time he opened up a way for me to go for the interview on the next morning. I was not prepared at all because I just thinking just going for the interview and don’t want to get regret for not attending it. I know well that I always regret for something that I postponed for.

On the next morning, Kinda late to go for the interview. Uhh! I was too lazy that morning, I take very slow moved in doing everything. After taking a bath and breakfast, then ready to go for the interview. While I was on my way to the interview, want to drop somewhere where I can top up my phone because my credit is running low. After all I realize my purse is left at home. Wondering I will be late for the interview, I was rushing drive back home to take my purse! Luckily, I still can register my name to attend the interview. Thank GOD!

It was a long queue where there I meet couple of my friends too. Hey, long time no see babes! Kinda reunion going on for a while. After registered my name and waiting for a while for my turn then I was kinda frustrated when they said the interview will be continue to tomorrow morning. Nah! That’s where I start to feel frustrated…because I just apply for 1 day leave yesterday. Never thought it will be postponed to tomorrow morning. Thinking of what should I do? Should I apply for another leave? Oh my! Headache thinking of it. When I think this will going to be a great opportunity for me, so I decided to take another leave. Luckily my boss doesn’t have any problem with it. Thank God again for His mercy.

The next morning got another challenges. I was thinking why it’s so hard within this few days. Let’s make the story short…what I mean challenges is, me and my friend have to go and sign our certs for the second time due to some problem and again I have to wait until afternoon for my turn to be interview. Nah! That’ it…the challenge I have to face within this 2 days. But even though I have to face the circumstances in trying to do the best for my future. I am so glad for the experiences I get. Now, I have to wait for the result and hoping the best is on my way… but if I failed for it…God must prepared something good to comes….

May 12, 2009

I hate doin nothing!

I hate boring day…
hate it so much…but what can I do…?
I really need something that can make me happy and busy… I would happy of what I am doing…
...not just take a seat and doing nothing!
I rather be in the busy situation more than just act nonsense and innocent like I don’t know anything.
Oh God! Help me out from this craziness…. If felt blameless

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day especially to my mum…Theresa Ubong Ding and every single person who are called by the name Mother! May God be richly blessed everyone of you…

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