February 12, 2009

Christian Jorge

Christian Jorge aka CJ

Let me introduce someone who brings joy to my family since the end of May last year. Christian Jorge is my sister’s son who was born on the May 26, last year. We never thought Christian will be his name because my sister is thinking about other name. But we think Christian will be nice for him. Christian is also meant the follower of Christ. We use to call him CJ but not CJ7. There’s nothing to do with that movie anyway. Now, CJ is almost 9 months and he become so adorable and excited when he met with the ladies. I guess he had been kissed by my entire ladies friend. (You know what I mean by saying that) yea, he is our Mr. Popular. Maybe because in my family members mostly are ladies.
CJ is a simple child where he loves to smile every time he woke up from sleep. Easy to take care and his favourite activities is to take shower but after all I can tell you he really likes to eat. I am thinking what people said about mix parentage is that their child are cuter? Is that true? (CJ’s father is kadazan + dusun) So. I leave the question to you guys. I was wondering now how my child will look like because I am still waiting until I can see so clearly who is the one. *laughing*

February 11, 2009

A Twist In My Life

evening view

Yesterday evening was a new experience for me who just working in shipping industry. There’s a function by company for new vessel opening ceremony. Although I was too tired and just wanted to back home and take a rest. But, as a new staff I have to attend the ceremony and take some experience how it will going to be. This is my first experience to be on the ship and luckily it’s a huge ship. It’s accommodation vessel anyway and I am lucky to have a walk around the entire vessel with some of my colleagues.

ship capten wanna be! (",)

night view

I can say I’m a bit culture shock and scared here most of the people around me are guy. But I have to comfort myself and mind with the new situation. Haha because since I start to work 2 years ago in other places, mostly I deal with those ladies but this time it’s a bit different. Here, I learn more on life although it's almost 2 weeks I've been here. Hopefully there’s wonderful thing to come my way. Never thought I am going to work in this industry but I believe God has a wonderful plan for me here. Just wait and see.

Lady in Waiting - Happy Valentine Day

Hey everyone, Valentine Day are around the corner, so i like to share this poem to all the single lady who still waiting for her true love. Keep waiting for the glory of the Lord will give you the best among the best. So don't fear to be Lady In Waiting and don’t worry about that certain guy you have had your eye on for a while. If he is God’s best for you, he will be there when you return…


Is not about finding the right man,
But becoming the right women,

Lady In Waiting
Recklessly abandons herself
To the Lordship of Christ,
Diligently uses her single days,
Trusts God with unwavering faith,
Demonstrates virtue in daily life,
Loves God with undistracted devotion,
Stands for physical and emotional purity
Lives in security,
Responds to life in contentment,
Makes choices based on her convictions,
And waits patiently for God to meet her needs.

"Incompleteness is not the result of being single, but of not being full of Jesus”

February 10, 2009

I'm back

look to you

I'm back here again. It's been a while i didn't update any post here. So, here i go again. Hopefully more story to shares with everybody. Anyway, i found a job already. Really thank God for all the wonderfull thing happen to me. Anyway, i noe it's kinda too late to say welcome 2009...but welcome 2009 and let's start a brand new life! God Bless everyone...
Cheers, Dee Luke

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