August 10, 2007


After the final semester in my University…came back to my hometown and become jobless. Kind of bored to be jobless I guess. You guys? One thing in my mind is that should I going back to east Malaysia to seek a job there? Or stay here and work here in my hometown. I miss my advertising world. Quit difficult for me to find a job here because there’s no advertising agency in Miri. (Correct me if I’m wrong) I wish to work here but thinking of my future…maybe I should going back to east Malaysia and find a job that suit with my qualification. Should I? Argh!! This thing really stresses me out.

At the moment, still seek for a job here. Hopefully god will help me to cope with this thing. I thing the best thing now is to be here for a while before my graduation in November. I can’t wait about it…I miss all of my friends already although it just a couple of months we are separated from each other. Some of them got the job already. Huh, pretty tough to find a job here in Miri. But still I love to be here. Moreover, Jill will be married in the end of this month. Hopefully if I got the job, hopefully it’s not going to be so far from Miri. Then, I can be there on her wedding day. He he hopefully everything will gonna be lucky for me in searching for a job here. Depth in my heart, I know PAPA J gonna handle everything for me…wish me luck!

August 9, 2007

Breezy day…

Last Sunday, my cousin and the three of us went to Esplanade beach. It’s been a while we didn’t go there. Surprise to see so many people went to here today. Wow! I’m kind of someone who miss something here I guess. Maybe because of I spend most of my time in East Malaysia…it’s been 5 years already I’m far away from Miri. I just come back during the semester break and it’s just for a couple of months. And during the holiday, most of my time I spend at home. Now, I’m surprise to see so many changes happened in Miri. Miri become a paradise for everyone here. hehe I try to promoting my city here.

So, back to the story. Compared between Esplanade beach and Tanjong Lobang beach, I guess I preferred more on Tanjong Lobang beach. I don’t know why. Maybe Tanjong Lobang beach is more family values. hehe most of my time (24/7) with my family. Yea, most of my friends are married already, there only me and Jay left. hehe be proud Jay…that’s why I preferred Tanjong than Explanade. What about you guys? Erm, the wind is so strong today…kind of hard for us to take photos because of the heavy wind. But we managed to take a couple of it. Its 6.30 pm…time to go back. Before we went back home, along the way back, we are in time to see there’s a couple of food stall are in a critical condition. The wind blow so strong and it’s mostly broke the stall mast. Today aren’t lucky day for us. We come late and we went back early. Huhu what a day…breezy…breezy evening.

Malay wedding

Erm, this story supposedly be updated in the last month…but I’m quite busy. So…the story begin on the July 8, Sis Jill and I went for her sister friend wedding in Dewan Suarah Hall. Guess what? I’m surprise to see the groom is my friend! Haha…its Fuad’s wedding. Congratulation man! Well, I like the wed theme color, its blue…looked harmonies. I like the bridal suite so much. It’s look like the garden wedding. I’ve been to Malay wedding before in Kelana Jaya for Alma’s friend wedding. But it’s different from this time. Fuad’s wedding is more glamorous…I guess? Hehe.

So, back to the story. The wedding start on 10.30am that morning. The hall started to be hilarious when the Bride and the groom come into the hall. Then some of the elder women and man sang a Malay traditional song. 1 new thing I’ve learn from Malay wedding is about “makan beradat” or …what they call it? Never mind, its sound like that. Hehe… erm, different from others wedding I guess. And also they do some traditional custom too. It’s happy to see one of my childhood friends there too. Well, Zuria has become my best childhood friend before. Then I know she is the bridegroom first cousin. Lucky me? Hehe
After having some chat with Zuria, Jill asked us to go back. Hye, here we took some pictures doh! I guess I started to love blue color…I love blue. I love blue… (“,)

I put on weight...U?

Nowadays, I guess I have put on weight already…hehe. Erm, I have to do something from now on. Maybe set on diet? Erm…actually I never put on diet. So I don’t really know how to start my diet. I know the most difficult part is the beginning of diet. I’ve heard and read from the magazines how difficult when someone started their diet. Moreover, I can’t stop from eating something that I really love to eat! Hehe

Herm…last weekend my sister took us to have some jog. Yeah! I’m happy to hear that…Maybe it will be a good time for me to start my diet? Hekhek…so, we went to jogging place which is not too far from my home. (Beside Bumiko) There are a lot of people went there too. Well, I like the place where everyone doesn’t seem to bother each other. So, I don’t have to be shy to jogging! Hehe… We have a great evening…while in the same time we enjoy the hill view from the jogging place. We meet some of my mum friends there too. But a bit weird when most of the people who went to jog here are mostly oldies… that’s life. I guess when the young people turn older then they will try to have a healthy life…hehe. Maybe now is time for young people to enjoy and have fun? Think about it…

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