August 10, 2007


After the final semester in my University…came back to my hometown and become jobless. Kind of bored to be jobless I guess. You guys? One thing in my mind is that should I going back to east Malaysia to seek a job there? Or stay here and work here in my hometown. I miss my advertising world. Quit difficult for me to find a job here because there’s no advertising agency in Miri. (Correct me if I’m wrong) I wish to work here but thinking of my future…maybe I should going back to east Malaysia and find a job that suit with my qualification. Should I? Argh!! This thing really stresses me out.

At the moment, still seek for a job here. Hopefully god will help me to cope with this thing. I thing the best thing now is to be here for a while before my graduation in November. I can’t wait about it…I miss all of my friends already although it just a couple of months we are separated from each other. Some of them got the job already. Huh, pretty tough to find a job here in Miri. But still I love to be here. Moreover, Jill will be married in the end of this month. Hopefully if I got the job, hopefully it’s not going to be so far from Miri. Then, I can be there on her wedding day. He he hopefully everything will gonna be lucky for me in searching for a job here. Depth in my heart, I know PAPA J gonna handle everything for me…wish me luck!

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