August 9, 2007

Breezy day…

Last Sunday, my cousin and the three of us went to Esplanade beach. It’s been a while we didn’t go there. Surprise to see so many people went to here today. Wow! I’m kind of someone who miss something here I guess. Maybe because of I spend most of my time in East Malaysia…it’s been 5 years already I’m far away from Miri. I just come back during the semester break and it’s just for a couple of months. And during the holiday, most of my time I spend at home. Now, I’m surprise to see so many changes happened in Miri. Miri become a paradise for everyone here. hehe I try to promoting my city here.

So, back to the story. Compared between Esplanade beach and Tanjong Lobang beach, I guess I preferred more on Tanjong Lobang beach. I don’t know why. Maybe Tanjong Lobang beach is more family values. hehe most of my time (24/7) with my family. Yea, most of my friends are married already, there only me and Jay left. hehe be proud Jay…that’s why I preferred Tanjong than Explanade. What about you guys? Erm, the wind is so strong today…kind of hard for us to take photos because of the heavy wind. But we managed to take a couple of it. Its 6.30 pm…time to go back. Before we went back home, along the way back, we are in time to see there’s a couple of food stall are in a critical condition. The wind blow so strong and it’s mostly broke the stall mast. Today aren’t lucky day for us. We come late and we went back early. Huhu what a day…breezy…breezy evening.

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