November 3, 2009

Happy Burfday Dee...

A great day to be’s once a year even though it’s a bit scary to count our ages each year but be glad for God has doing a great thing in our life!

Today, I turned to 25. My God...I can’t believe it I am sweet 25 today. It’s a mixed feeling blended in my heart and mind. Happy, sad, curious, blur...huhu but most of all I am thankful to God for giving me a good and great life to live on. First thing I do when I woke up this morning is give thanks to the Lord for the new breath He has given me. Life running so fast and its feel like I was graduated from university a month ago!

Since I was a child, birthday is the most powerful celebration to think of. Celebrate it a couple of times...of course all of us experienced those stuff. But now, the most important thing for me is to have a great life and family. Really appreciate my every precious moment in life. Hopefully more happiness to come my way...hehe

p/s "thanks to all...for the birthday wish...really appreciate it :)

November 2, 2009

I am thankful...

I had a great time until i don’t have time to update my blog and how i miss to do it! Thank God I am happy with every single minute nowadays. Life...there is up and down...if before I’ve been struggle a lot to find my happiness and Lord, I thank You coz now i found it in You. I really want to thank every single person I meet each days in life coz they coloured my day with laughter even though sometime a normal person we run out of mood but still I am happy with my life. I am truly blessing for my youth members who always blessed and support from behind toward up and down in life. My family who makes me experiences the full of love each day. My colleague’s teachers and friends which bring joy to my heart even though life as a teacher kinda stress. Ahaha! Been busy lately, as usual with the youth ministry and my life as a teacher. I can’t stop thinking how wonderful You had coloured and well planning my day Lord. Wishing more joyful moment to be cherish in a days to come. Each time I think of all the great thing in Life..I feel fully energy to do greater thing in life...

June 12, 2009

Show me the way…

I have to admit that for the past few months…I will consider it as my tougher months than I ever had. Seem that everything is not in the right track for me. I feel my life is on the bottom of everything where every single things I’ve done, It will end up with the word FAIL. I felt down for a while because of the situation I faced at the moment.

Yesterday I’ve received another failure news. Than I was wondering, thinking so hard is there are any chances for me in the next days to come? I’ve made lots of thinking for the past few weeks and almost for the past few months. I have put my hope in Him and waiting the best from Him. But it’s not His plan for me yet…I guess. I just bare in my mind that whatever happened today is what He has plans for me. Everything happened for a reason and at the right time. Just that, as a human being…we can’t hide the disappointed feeling towards what happened in this beautiful life. Life so beautiful and I need to appreciate whatever He has given me in life.

Now, it’s time to move on. To forget all the sad feeling and those hope where has gone by throughout the time. I believe that there’s still a hope for me (you too) in Him. Try to find back the hope that He has ready for us. Any failure that happened today is today failure…tomorrow has its own story to tell. Let the time heal the pain. Just put our trust in Him and He will show us the ways towards everything. Have faith in him. Amen!

June 4, 2009

Family + Friends = that’s makes me happy all day long

It’s is a wonderful day when we talked about holiday! I had my great day last week where some of my family members come and visit us for holiday… and at the same time, I can take a break for couple of days from work. Been so stressful for the past few months and now it’s time for me to redeem myself with my love ones. This is what I’ve been waiting for this although it is just for a few days.

CJ and mum giving their peace~

CJ with mum and dad

Well, I had my great weekend with my cousins too. Trying something new, I decided to cut my hair, but not so dramatic changes and maybe the changes will changes one by one…so that I’m not totally look changed 100%. It’s been a while didn’t go for a walk with them, so we go to the place where I love to be…its beach again. There we go…just going crazy shot without bothering people around us. Haha Nah, who cares? As long I had my great day… :)

Pushing game lol!

waiting for who?

charlie's angel in the making? bluekk

fooling around...

kath and me

I am so glad to see my grandparents are here too with us. It’s been a while we did’t make any celebration since last year. There’s a couple of activities goes on during my weekend where my sis’s friend Jocelyn also engaged on the same week. So I guess its double joy because I am invited to the event too (to accompany my sis ahah!) So, my holiday will not sound so bored yeh…

Patricia and me


Pui doh and Pui akek

CJ and mum after having their lunch...

On the other day, it’s time to be with my family again. Spending the rest of holiday with my sister before she goes back to KL and drive my grandparent to have some treat after they came back from Kuching. That’s what I do for the past few days ago, although it’s sound not so fabulous happening weekend…but I am glad to spend my weekend happily with my love ones. Erm…guess what? And my head is dreaming and planning what to do on the next holiday…

Michele with her Yahoo pose!

June 2, 2009

Christian's First Birthday (26 May 2009)

Happy Birthday Christian!

Baby Christian.. :)

first time...

It’s happened once in a year! Yesterday night was my nephew (Christian Jorge’s Birthday) Time running so fast and I couldn’t believe it….CJ turned 1 year already. I’m happy for both of his parent and hopefully joy and blessing always be with him. We had a great time although it just a simple celebration. I thank God of this beautiful child in our family…

May 22, 2009

Trying hard to find my ways...

Just a little late to realize on something in me...I feel bad for not realized it from the start. I almost didn’t recognized myself and what was I’m thinking about this situation. Why I can turn out to be like this nowadays until now I realize on it…on what should I concentrate on? What was on my mind? Almost become a jerk to myself…

I thank God…for letting me to see the true in You, in the real world on what is going on. He knows everything and must be He doesn’t want me to go further on it. You’re so good to me Lord. Just that I feel bad all this while for letting those things happened in my life. Just a wakeup call for me to be alert on things happened around me.

Now, feel a bit regret and pity for myself. I need to work on to built my faith and strange in life. Trying hard to back on the track where I should stand on…I almost there…just in the corner of the victory... Opened the eyes of my Heart Lord…to see what’s good you have done in me…

May 15, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come...

2 days ago, I was attended an open interview for a job in my hometown Miri. It’s something to do with education. At the first place, I never thought that I will going for it because the time I know about the interview, it’s kinda late to apply for leave on the next day. But God is good, at the right time he opened up a way for me to go for the interview on the next morning. I was not prepared at all because I just thinking just going for the interview and don’t want to get regret for not attending it. I know well that I always regret for something that I postponed for.

On the next morning, Kinda late to go for the interview. Uhh! I was too lazy that morning, I take very slow moved in doing everything. After taking a bath and breakfast, then ready to go for the interview. While I was on my way to the interview, want to drop somewhere where I can top up my phone because my credit is running low. After all I realize my purse is left at home. Wondering I will be late for the interview, I was rushing drive back home to take my purse! Luckily, I still can register my name to attend the interview. Thank GOD!

It was a long queue where there I meet couple of my friends too. Hey, long time no see babes! Kinda reunion going on for a while. After registered my name and waiting for a while for my turn then I was kinda frustrated when they said the interview will be continue to tomorrow morning. Nah! That’s where I start to feel frustrated…because I just apply for 1 day leave yesterday. Never thought it will be postponed to tomorrow morning. Thinking of what should I do? Should I apply for another leave? Oh my! Headache thinking of it. When I think this will going to be a great opportunity for me, so I decided to take another leave. Luckily my boss doesn’t have any problem with it. Thank God again for His mercy.

The next morning got another challenges. I was thinking why it’s so hard within this few days. Let’s make the story short…what I mean challenges is, me and my friend have to go and sign our certs for the second time due to some problem and again I have to wait until afternoon for my turn to be interview. Nah! That’ it…the challenge I have to face within this 2 days. But even though I have to face the circumstances in trying to do the best for my future. I am so glad for the experiences I get. Now, I have to wait for the result and hoping the best is on my way… but if I failed for it…God must prepared something good to comes….

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