June 4, 2009

Family + Friends = that’s makes me happy all day long

It’s is a wonderful day when we talked about holiday! I had my great day last week where some of my family members come and visit us for holiday… and at the same time, I can take a break for couple of days from work. Been so stressful for the past few months and now it’s time for me to redeem myself with my love ones. This is what I’ve been waiting for this although it is just for a few days.

CJ and mum giving their peace~

CJ with mum and dad

Well, I had my great weekend with my cousins too. Trying something new, I decided to cut my hair, but not so dramatic changes and maybe the changes will changes one by one…so that I’m not totally look changed 100%. It’s been a while didn’t go for a walk with them, so we go to the place where I love to be…its beach again. There we go…just going crazy shot without bothering people around us. Haha Nah, who cares? As long I had my great day… :)

Pushing game lol!

waiting for who?

charlie's angel in the making? bluekk

fooling around...

kath and me

I am so glad to see my grandparents are here too with us. It’s been a while we did’t make any celebration since last year. There’s a couple of activities goes on during my weekend where my sis’s friend Jocelyn also engaged on the same week. So I guess its double joy because I am invited to the event too (to accompany my sis ahah!) So, my holiday will not sound so bored yeh…

Patricia and me


Pui doh and Pui akek

CJ and mum after having their lunch...

On the other day, it’s time to be with my family again. Spending the rest of holiday with my sister before she goes back to KL and drive my grandparent to have some treat after they came back from Kuching. That’s what I do for the past few days ago, although it’s sound not so fabulous happening weekend…but I am glad to spend my weekend happily with my love ones. Erm…guess what? And my head is dreaming and planning what to do on the next holiday…

Michele with her Yahoo pose!


C.Alv.B said...

Quality time with family and loved ones is the greatest things of all..

Dee Luke said...

yes...that's the right word for it...GREATEST things of all.... :) thanks... God Bless You Alv... :)

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