July 8, 2007

The Crocodile Hunter

Feel so excited today…we are going to crocodile farm at Kuala Baram. It’s been a while I didn't go there. So, guess what? We are going to be a Crocodile hunter. Thanks to Joe (Jill’s fiancĂ©) actually because of him we are here today.

I was surprised to see a lot of new development they made here. Wow! I become more excited to visit the croco and other animals. What a wonderful place Miri city have? If I’m not mistaken, I think there are no other places that have a big crocodile farm like Miri have? Mirian should be proud of this. I’ve been visited other zoo and animal farms in other city in Malaysia. But, the biggest Crocodile farm is in Miri. The croco here is so big also. Wow! Can u believe that? No wonder Sarawak is famous of “Bujang Senang”. Great!

Luckily, when we reached there, it's a lunch time for the crocodiles. I become more excited to watch them having their lunch. he he Erm, many visitor came here today…it is look more happening when some visitors make some noise when the farm worker try to feeds the croco. You guys should see how the croco jumped from the water and tried have their lunch. Eeee…kind of scary to be in this kind of place sometimes. I wonder how long “Bujang Senang” is.

There are a lot of big crocodiles here. They are divided into many stage according to they ages and physical. What I mean is some of the crocodiles are blind and some other are from different species.

Here, it is not just a place for the crocodiles but also for the other animals such as deer, bear, ostrich, snakes, monkey and more. Sound interesting right? Everyone should come here I think?

The most exciting time is when we are allowed to feeds the animals except for the crocodile. He he kind of funny when we tried to feeds the monkeys with the bananas, sometimes it is not the bananas they grab but our hand! Urghh…they are too hyper. So, I guess until for the next visit and hopefully there a more animals to be feeds soon.

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