August 14, 2007

Finding My Soul Mate

What a blessed day I had here…Everyone seemed to get married soon. (Actually not everyone but some of my relatives will get married this year. Wonderful right? I’m happy and excited for them. Can’t wait for the day. Well, Sis Jill wedding day will be held within this month too. Hurm, time running so fast I guess.

I still remember the day we had as a sister since we are child. It seems that I got no friend to shared everything soon. Jill got her new friend! Hu hu…Yah, sis Pat still too young too shared problems and story with me. As too many young man and women will get married soon, I wanted to share this prayer and poem for every one of you. Enjoy it! God know everything we need and don’t worry to be single until HE sends you the ONE that you waiting for…

Finding My Soul Mate

Lord, I pray for the person whom You called to join me and walk through life with me, side by side. Be (him/her) right now. Comfort (him/her) in (him/her) difficult times and watch over (him/her) as (he/she) sleeps. I only want the person whom You have chosen for me. Keep me always from others who are not the right one. Show me what is good for me and what is bad for me in choosing this friend for life. I want to stay on the road that You have for me.

I want to find someone who will love me with (him/her) whole heart and will always be there for me. I want to marry someone whose personality, vision, and purpose lines up perfectly with mine. I want someone whose relationship with You is outstanding. I want (him/her) to know You and to be extremely close to You.

Help me to be good spouse. Help me to serve my companion always and remain true to (him/her). Help me to not anxious to find (him/her), but to be patient and know that You know my spouse very well.

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