August 31, 2007

New Job...

It’s time for me to update something here…guess what? I got a job already. Thanks God for it. Never thought of become a teacher. What I mean is, I am a teacher now. But…it’s only for 2 months (temporary teacher). At last I have something to do while I’m waiting for my graduation day in November. I will be teaching at St Joseph Primary school here in Miri. It’s been 2 weeks already and I found it’s kind of challenged.

Even thought it’s just for 2 months…I think it is good for me rather than staying at home without doing anything. Somewhere somehow…I’ll be pay at the end of the month. Aite? Luckily I’m in the afternoon session, so I don’t have to wake up so early in the morning. Hehe lazy gurl. First day at school is the weirdest experience for me. Kind of weird when everyone is calling you Teacher! Teacher! But now, I’m use to it. It’s become 1 of my name nowadays. I think become a teacher is a great opportunity for me. The first day is like wow! I’m a teacher now. I feel great and lucky to have this experience. Now I know how it’s feeling to be a teacher. In this few weeks, there is my boring week because it is an exam weeks…so, there’s not much to do. We just had our relax time if there’s nothing to do. But, too much relax will turned to a boring time! Huhu…

For me the best moment become a teacher is that teaching time…I enjoyed being with my students all the time. Although they are too noisy and lazy sometimes, yea…that’s kids’ rite? Is like that whole world belongs to them … kids are too curious sometimes…they too much complaining, too much questions and too much of wondering. Some questions and complains aren’t too serious but they still keep asking me about all stuffs. Sometimes its makes me laughed all by myself. Day by days already and I kind of like to be in teacher heels now. Although it is just only for 2 months…I thank God for this opportunity to be a teacher.

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