September 26, 2007

I wrote about us

The loneliness bothering me again…Why nowadays isn’t turn to be good for me? I felt so boring and I really miss all those moments during my university time. Feel like I miss all my friends, especially my housemates. Hye! I mean it… I miss it when we all used to “lepak” at Wira Sejati during our dinner time. Yea…how I wish I could be there now and make an order for “Nasi Putih + Ayam Goreng Kunyit?” yummy! That’s my favorite order. He he
Selvia, I miss to spend time with you at “Only Mee Restaurant” lol! Remember it when we rather spend so much money just to lunch at the place? “Kong Poh” is our favorite one! Even though we don’t have so much money…you and I still wanted to go there. Haha we eat until so full.

Me, Alma, Selvia, Betty, Adeline & Gladys
crazy time

look at selvia there!

Gladys, you are my sleeping partner. (No…no…we are not like you guys think) We use to sleep at the dining room rather than to sleep in the bedroom. Yea, we enjoyed so much sleeping outside right? We chat a lot before we sleep hah? Hye Betty, I’m sure you will felt envy when you read this. Hehe Girls, how I wish I could turn back time. Life…life…I wish the happy moment won’t be fade so fast. I miss every moment especially the time when we use to hang out in town. Shopaholic us! Yea, I’m still hold the “shopaholic” title hah? I guess not anymore? Watch out! Selvia will take over the title. Haha…

Alma? Huhu…I miss this cute lady. Too many funny stories about her. You guys should know her well lol…she’s such a wonderful lady. Hye mama, I know some of your secrets…heehaw. This girl usually couldn't’t close the door every time she came back from class because she is busy to do something in urgent. :) Sshhh! Yea...Yea...I’ll keep the secret.

Betty even thought I knew you just in little of time. But we become a good friend…aka a good fighter hah? He he… we always bully each other. I knew a bit about her. I guess this girl need 24 hours to sleep in one day. Ha-ha she’s a good sleeper! Wei, you sleep too much. You know that? Here she come our sleeping beauty.

Friends, I’ll be coming soon. Hopefully the days will be so great for us. May God bless each every of you.

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