October 2, 2007

Jill’s Wedding

Jill’s wedding was on the 25th August last month. It is a great family moment we had. This is the moment where we can meet every one of our family members. I love those moments so much. Wonderful day we had yet it’s a bit tiring. Time past by so fast and today, Jill getting married already. I still remember the childhood moments we’ve been together. We shared a lot in common… yea, tomorrow never be the same like before...but feel happy for her.

Well, it is a tired morning for us. The wedding ceremony will start at 10.00 in the morning. So we had to wake up early to prepare our self. Thanks to Mona Lisa Bridal for the make up and beautiful wedding dress for the day. Well, everyone looked excited that morning. It’s like a long morning for us there while me and roger (Joe’s bro) felt funny looking at Joe always asking us the time.
The moment Jill walked along the way to the her groom…Depth in my heart I said... ”this is the best moment ever”it was like a dream comes true. He he that moment...I’m too sure two hearts beating soooo fast! Feel really weird because I feel nervous even thought it’s not my wedding day…silly! So I act cool then…

wedding ceremony

Happy faces ...

wedding reception

party time
So, Haha later that night, we had Jill’s wedding reception at Dynasty Hotel. More pupils came that night. Wonderful night too remembers and we had our great time ever. The most happening moments is when JAMBATAN TAMPARULI song is performed by Joe’s uncle. Joe’s family members representing their sumazau dance. Guess what? Haha it seems like everyone volunteers to dances lol! I felt funny looking at those people who really look excited to dances. Well, that night I’ve learned sumazau dance too.

So...to make it short here…just go through those pictures, you guys will find how memorable that day for us. I on behalf of my family members would like to thank you to everyone who came that beautiful day. God Bless Everyone. Adios!!!

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Anonymous said...

all the beautiful ladies there i see....

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