October 8, 2007

Bad Day

Today I consider this day as a bad day for me. I still thank Lord for the new day that He gives me to go on to. Today I wake up early in the morning because I can’t sleep well within this few days. Erm…I felt so tired and always felt angry. Maybe because I’m use to it nowadays…always became angry in the classroom with all the naughty students. Hurm…tension!

That morning I tried to check on my friendster profile…oh no! The internet connection is too bad at the moment. It’s been 3 days I couldn’t connect well with the website. So sad for me…something wrong with my profile and I don’t really know what’s was going on with it. Never mind … the time is running so fast, its 10.15 already. I have to prepare the lunch for my sister and niece. Oh, I almost forgot about it. Later I have to fetch Michelle at her kindergarten. Quit busy that morning…so I prepared our lunch quickly.

uyot and michelle playing monopoly
michelle (upet)

Before I fetch Michelle, I ask uyot (my youngest sister) to help me to do something at home…but! Arghhh!! She’s in a bad mood too I guess where finally we argue for each other. Huhu what a bad day for me. Feeling so bad make me ready to school so early that day…. UNTIL, here’s the climax of my bad day.

When I try to fetch Michelle at her school…they ask me who I am to fetch her up. They felt curious looking at me because I never fetch Michelle before this. It’s my mum job but she’s kind of busy that morning. When I try to say I am Michelle auntie, the old teacher didn’t believe me and she’s started pretend that I tried to cheat them?! What?! Nonsense isn’t it? This old teacher really spoils my mood that day. So again, I quarrel with her. Really felt stupid that day. I’m in rush to school and this old teacher keep asking me some stupid questions that she shouldn’t ask. Hurh… lastly, getting tired of quarrel with that old teacher, I ask her makes a call to my house if she does still don’t believe me! Satisfied? I rushed back home to send Michelle and drive to school.
That’s the end of the story…

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