October 9, 2007

Magic Tree

Magic tree
Seem like we are in the spring season. Why I said so, it is because of the spring views that happen in front of my house. For anybody know where my house is, come to my house then later you’ll know how it is look like. Actually my family mango tree totally died 100% now. Confirm! Kind of weird for us seeing the tree suddenly died with no reason. Kind of frustrated sometime when I think about it. We love the mango tree so much. Now it’s gone. It’s hard when we lost something that we really care about. Am I right? *sigh*

The mango tree really brings lots of memories. For us it’s a magic tree. It is because the tree usually non stop producing fruits months by months. It’s totally different from the other mango trees. The mango fruits color is pink plus green. It’s like an apple when look at it from far. The tree reminds me lots of my father. He is the one who use to plant it before. Kind of sad when know the tree is gone now. We all know there must be a reason why these things happen. But sometime, the tree looks great at night view. Look like ghost story scenery in the night. Believe me. Some of my friends also said the tree look great without the leaves LOL! (Laughing) Happy Halloween…

So, whenever the tree is gone now…hopefully the memories will never be fading away.

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