October 28, 2007

Last Day

Today is my last day in school. I mean my last day as a teacher. There’s a mix feeling in me…I can feel relief a bit but in depth of my heart I feel I’m going to miss those experiences here especially with all the naughty2x students. Yea, usually I hate when talk about “goodbye”. I’ve experience it before during my school time. Kind of hard to explain and I’m pretty sure you guys also know how it feel.

Today, I’ve plan not to teaching but spend more time with my students. Yea, 2 months doesn’t really enough for me to know lots about them. It’s been a while didn’t talk to them because last week is a school holiday for “hari raya”. So, today is the first day to school after holiday and it is the last day for me here. I thought lots of them will absent today because it’s the first day after holiday…guess what? They all came to school today (smiling). Most of them knew that it’s going to be the last day with me. So they keep on asking “isn’t really the last day?” Erm…so I wonder if they want me to go or to stay? Whatever…

I take lots of pictures of them which I’ll keep as my memory here. Wow! They are so excited when facing with the camera hah…I’ll show it through the photos later. I’m lucky because too many good experiences and opportunity I got here. So, I wish all the best to everyone. God Bless!

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