January 5, 2008

Holiday! Celebrate!

I was in Kuala Lumpur to attend my graduation day. I’m going there with my family. After graduation day end, we having our "cuti-cuti Malaysia" (holiday) before we come back to Miri. I just want to spend quality time with my family and friends as I’ve been far away in Miri after finished my study back in last May. Been away for a while and didn’t get enough time to spend with my friends. So I decided to meet some of them. Time is precious and it must be spend with precious people.

I’m thinking of Sg Weng and Petaling Street cuz it’s a shopping paradise! I can go crazy over the clothes, bags and shoes that are superb cheap! I love spending the day walking around the city and then enjoying the wonderful foods…heaven! At one night, we had a walked along Titiwangsa Lake, thinking of to ride The Eye of Malaysia. But oh my gosh! The place was thronged with people who q-up to make a rode too. Then we decided to wait for the fireworks display at night.
There is a trip to zoo also where I use to go before. But this time it’s a bit different because kind of lots changes they made. And guess what? They raise up the ticket price too lol! Well, kind of an interesting experiences cuz there a lots of activities happened that day. The most exciting part is to watch the zoo attendant to feed the big brownie bear! Scary…

During my vacation, it’s about almost Christmas Eve where we can see Christmas spirit everywhere in the KL city. I managed to take a shoot some of the Christmas decoration they made. Really feel the spirit of Christmas coming around the corner. Ho Ho Ho…I meet some of my family there too where this vacation is all about family vacation. Hehe I like it when it’s come to family values…

Live in Kuala Lumpur is so much different from here in Miri. KL just like a city to entertain, foods and shopping paradise but at the same place KL can be so hectic, crazy and chaotic here! Although it has a lots of entertainment values, but it doesn’t feel like your hometown. After a few weeks in KL, I really miss to go home. I can’t wait to go back home a spend time with my cuzzies and friends at the beach where we use to do almost every weekend!

Miri, here I’m back!

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