January 5, 2008

Graduation Day

For the past few weeks, (actually,this post should be published on Nov month) I’ve been celebrating my graduation day and year end holiday in Kuala Lumpur with my family. It’s been a wonderful experience to celebrate my graduation day for the 2nd time since my first graduation in 2005. Kind of miss those memories and friends since 5 years in here. Luckily we meet during the graduation day. It’s almost a few months after our last semester in university.

Feel glad to be here again although it’s just for a few weeks. I miss my faculty and friends. All the funny jokes we used to do…and all those gossips and weird issues. How I miss all that. Since I’m here, I and my family stayed at my sister house. Kind of miss her too since she worked here. Feel weird when she’s not around. Yea, she’s married now.

The graduation day quite happening because everyone doesn’t met each others in the past few months. So, I guess everybody have their own story to be shared. Some of us are working already which are good for them. And some of us still unemployed and how bad does it feel. Huhu ... I felt bad which I can’t spend more time with all my friends during my trip to KL. Some of them wanted to hanging out together with me since my visit here (Ekaz & Megat), but sorry guys I can’t make it. How I wish to…but maybe in my next visit ok?

This last graduation seemed like to be the sadness memories because there’s no graduation day after this. Everyone will continue with there own life. Wishes everybody good luck in everything they do. Lastly, dear friends…"it doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we still keep in touch!" Muahhh!

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...

Congatulation on your graduation diana. Make your family always proud of you. God bless

RW FINE ART said...

u graduated way earlier than me. this new layout is nice. might copy this next time. nice combination of colors as well.

dee said...

thanks man. i like the color combination too. hye, u graduate soon lol...

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