February 11, 2009

A Twist In My Life

evening view

Yesterday evening was a new experience for me who just working in shipping industry. There’s a function by company for new vessel opening ceremony. Although I was too tired and just wanted to back home and take a rest. But, as a new staff I have to attend the ceremony and take some experience how it will going to be. This is my first experience to be on the ship and luckily it’s a huge ship. It’s accommodation vessel anyway and I am lucky to have a walk around the entire vessel with some of my colleagues.

ship capten wanna be! (",)

night view

I can say I’m a bit culture shock and scared here most of the people around me are guy. But I have to comfort myself and mind with the new situation. Haha because since I start to work 2 years ago in other places, mostly I deal with those ladies but this time it’s a bit different. Here, I learn more on life although it's almost 2 weeks I've been here. Hopefully there’s wonderful thing to come my way. Never thought I am going to work in this industry but I believe God has a wonderful plan for me here. Just wait and see.


kayankenyah said...

Be confident...nowdays lot of ladies getting more better than men...You can see Gloria Aroyo, Rice, H Clincton, Late Benazir Butto, Sheik Hasina, Sonia Gandhi...believe in yourself!

dee said...

hye, thanks for the advice. nice to hear that from you. I'll try my best. (",)

RW FINE ART said...

sayu kah dengah kui, ba'ung.
famous la aran abokwan kui anan.
ateng danih daha duwan akui anan.
nun dengah ka do? nunok hadui?
mcm best naik kapal hari2.

dee said...

Nang best pun. tapi scary juak la...mcm2 ada. i mean orang di kapal. hahaha but ok la takat tok. aku suka2 jak tunggah ko abok wan nan di. tak tau pulak nang nama ko. hehe nama ku bukan baung..that's my sis punya nama. haha

RW FINE ART said...

ooo nunan. bi hagen na anak yg dekaya unak ala aran baung anan until tek ji sis ter nei la'an. ika yg dekaya di keta..

Penemuruai said...

Hi Dee Luke,
I`m new here.
Good morning.
Congratulation to you! You have to comfort yourself to the surrounding.
Nothing is impossible.. I`m possible.

Happy Obituary said...

Captain! :P

Dee Luke said...

brian..glad to see u here. yea! captain in action :)

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