February 12, 2009

Christian Jorge

Christian Jorge aka CJ

Let me introduce someone who brings joy to my family since the end of May last year. Christian Jorge is my sister’s son who was born on the May 26, last year. We never thought Christian will be his name because my sister is thinking about other name. But we think Christian will be nice for him. Christian is also meant the follower of Christ. We use to call him CJ but not CJ7. There’s nothing to do with that movie anyway. Now, CJ is almost 9 months and he become so adorable and excited when he met with the ladies. I guess he had been kissed by my entire ladies friend. (You know what I mean by saying that) yea, he is our Mr. Popular. Maybe because in my family members mostly are ladies.
CJ is a simple child where he loves to smile every time he woke up from sleep. Easy to take care and his favourite activities is to take shower but after all I can tell you he really likes to eat. I am thinking what people said about mix parentage is that their child are cuter? Is that true? (CJ’s father is kadazan + dusun) So. I leave the question to you guys. I was wondering now how my child will look like because I am still waiting until I can see so clearly who is the one. *laughing*


mau*Bintang Ati said...

hi..dee luke..myself a product of mix parentage la..a dusun/chinese/iban..and marry to a kayan..wow ..now my children are?? guess?hehehe..pening kepala dah

dee said...

hye bintang ati. wow! macam2 ada dah tu. hye...ur children are so adorable i guess. Just look at u then. u oso got the look...hye thanks for dropping by :)

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