February 25, 2009

Journey oh Journey

I kinda miss my teaching day at school. Although I am not a teacher anymore (actually I use to be a temporary teacher before), but I kinda miss to back at school. Mostly some of my friends still continue their teaching profession. he he but I guess my job now is a gift from God and it's should be the best for me. Yea, my experience as a teacher is not a happy story but, yea it's has to be that way I guess. there's a lot of good and bad experiences. But most of all, I found that teaching is a tough job ever. We have to deal with our mental and emotion. For those teacher out there I'm sure you will be agree with this statement. :)
The most valuable things that ever happened during my teaching experience is that I make a lots o friends. It is good for me because I don't have lots of friend actually. I feel good to worked with this those people even though there's still somebody will be not cooperate with us but still I am glad with those who makes my life happier. Yea, look at me now... since becoming a teacher I gain weight a lots. Every single person who knew me will said I am more healthier than before. Guess what? we use to spend our free time at the school canteen. hurm, sometime stressful to hear that. ha ha as long I am happy.

Too many wonderful experiences that is hard to forget. When I look at the kids nowadays, they are so innocent. Yea, I try to refreshing my memory by thinking of my school time. It was so great where I don't have to think of so many things. All I can do is go to school, spends my time with friends, done my homework and back home and sleep. Sometimes, I wish I can turn back time. I wanted to spend more time on my school time where I don't have to get stress thinking of my works and how my life should be . hehe if I have the supernatural power?...nah forget about that.

Now, I got a new job and try to deal with all this new experience. Wish that I can doing well here and thankful for the wonderful journey I've going through all days.


Happy Obituary said...

So, that's your school uniform? :D

Dee Luke said...

haha not school uniform. should be teacher's uniform. we call it baju kurung :)

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