June 24, 2007

Happy father's day

Happy Father’s day to all fathers out there. Nothing much happened today actually, just that father’s day remind me of someone that I used to call “Daddy” before. Having such a wonderful father is one of the greatest gifts of all to me. How I miss to call that name again. It’s been 8 years already God take you from us. I believe God loves you more than anyone else. As a human being, I have to learn what God has a plan for every one of us.

I still remember the memories that you left for us. How wonderful you are dad. Now, we miss you so much. Nothing can explain it. Even though you always not around because of the traveling schedule of your job, but our relationship are so close. Now, you are gone. Life gets tougher without you. God created you only one…We know you will not be replaced by anyone else. You such a wonderful person in our life. Daddy, you are the one, who always live in our heart. You are always be remembered by your family and your loves one.

I believe that one day we all going to meet again. I know it will be forever in one place where we will find happiness forever। I’m going to miss you…Daddy.

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