May 1, 2007

Friend In deed is a Friend In need

It’s 1.55 am. I couldn't close my eyes. Erm, maybe it’s because I take a long nap in the afternoon. Usually I don’t really sleep in the afternoon but today I did maybe because I fell so tired with all the works. Feel so quit outside, everyone are slept already escaped me. Hurh, I wanted to sleep but still not feeling sleepy yet. Wrote something in my diary but still don't feel sleepy. Erm, there’s a voices at the dining room? Haha, guess what? Some of my friends still awake. Erm, so I’m not the only one who is still awake. Funny looking at them doing some egg mask on their faces. I want to joined them but feel so lazy to put all the make on my face and have to wait for it until it get dry.

Friendship never end

My mind couldn't stop thinking about all my childhood memories. Try to recall the past memories. Wonder why… Just a few days ago, meet some of my childhood friends’ trough the Friendster profile. I miss everyone actually. All the memories keep spinning in my mind. Erm, wanted to meet everyone but I understand that everyone are busy with their owned life. Me also, I’m also too busy with my study and all the assignments to submit. While browsing through everyone profile, happy to see everyone have their happy life now.

Yeah, some of them are married already. That’s normal. Congratulation! :) I’m happy for you guys. Some of them already have their lil angels in their life. (Kids) :) Really fell wanted to meet everyone. Fell excited to unite like before. :) Talking about how’s everyone life now. That’s must be so sweet. Haha

Actually, we didn’t realize when the time pass by. It’s been 5 years we’ve been apart. Now, everyone has their own life. At the moment, kind of miss everyone. :) I miss the laughter, jokes and all the crazy stuffs we’ve done together. Well, time been past by. There’s a life to come. I will cherished all the memories as one of the most wonderful moment in my life. Hopefully, we will meet someday. Pray for the day to come.

“A Friend is always loyal, and a brother is been to help in time of need”
– Proverb 17:12

God bless everyone…(",)

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