April 10, 2007

Class Party...

Wonderful night while spending times with wonderful peoples makes us hardly to forget those days. Just came back from Chino’s house. It’s our class party. Have a great time ever with my classmates. I’m going to miss everyone after this because this is our last semester for us here as a University student. For those you guys who has ever been through this situation must really miss all those right? :)

Actually, never thought of going to the party because just came back from KL with my housemates. Accompany them make some shopping stuffs.. for their coming convocation. Feel a bit tired and planned to take a nap early tonight. At the last minutes plan, my friends called me and fetched me up. Thanks Leen. So, I decided to go because this is the last class party for our class. Arrived at Chino’s house at 9.30 pm and saw all of my classmates are there already. Hah, I’m the only one who came late to the party. Huh! How come I’m so late? Happy to see everyone are there too. Hey everyone. Here I come!

Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves while some of us crazy taking pictures. Yeah, advertising’s students are crazy in taking pictures! Hye, there’s a lot of foods too. Great! “Bedal habis-habisan” :) at last, we all really full. Some of my friends love to make jokes...Yeah; they’re supposed to be a joker I guess. Sorry guys, just kidding. Well, good entertainment for the night. :) Especially for the cacamerba guy…you’re so funny.

Almost 11.30 pm already, saw everyone is leaving the party already. Maybe everyone is tired and full. Fell a bit quiet now. Don’t know what to do. The most interesting part is my friend planned something to do. Guess what? All of us planned to take some Scholl photo version of us. We spoiled the pictures by making variety kind of posing. Really interesting this part. There’s variety of faces expression and body posing. Crazy us. Yeah, that’s us. Advertising’s student love taking photos. Maybe some people are not interested with photos but for us we do. That’s one of the hobbies. :)

After tired with all the crazy stuffs…everyone decided to watched TV and chat with the others while eating again and again. I guess after this everyone will increased their weight. Ahakz! Hye friends, just kidding. Maybe some of us still feel hungry...Yeah, assumed it as our supper that night. :) After all the wonderful night. I’m going to miss the night. :) Have a lot of funs tonight, realized that every memory have it own value to remembered. Hopefully, there’s another party before we end up this last semester guys…Chino! We want another party…he he

God Bless Everyone…

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