March 11, 2009

World Kidney Day

Here guys, today is World Kidney Day (12 March). To be honest I don't know anything about this disease, but a couple of weeks before while I was dropped by at the CIMB ATM machine to withdraw some money. There's a group of people approached me and explained to me how to help kidney's patients to have the better live in the future. After the long explanation from them, OK I’ll make the story short here. Then they asked me to sign in as public donator. After that blessed afternoon, I almost forget about it.

Suddenly yesterday I’ve received a text message from this organization via phone.’s kind of wake up call I guess. When I think about it back, it’s not a co-incident I bumped into the situation and meet those people on that afternoon. Hurm, guess what? Maybe God wanted to show something about it. Yea, I’m glad I can donate even though it’s not in a big amount.

Haha Hye friends, you also can chip in by participating in their activities or by signing up as participant during various awareness campaigns and fund raising projects. Here some info that I can tell you. Check this out!

This March, during National Kidney Month, the National Kidney Foundation urges all of us to get to know two humble, hardworking organs; the kidneys. Sometimes the more you know, the more you love.

To help raise awareness and appreciation for all the vital functions perform, the national Kidney Foundation is encouraging all of us to learn more and take steps now to preserve kidneys health. March 12 is World kidney Day, the perfect time to get to know your kidneys and find out if you’re at risk. And how to maintain our kidney healthy always? Follow these 10 steps:

10 Ways to Keep Kidneys Healthy

1. Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol

2. Follow a healthy diet

3. Monitor blood glucose

4. Don’t overuse over-the-counter painkillers.

5. Control weight

6. Get an annual physical exam

7. Don’t smoke

8. Know if CKD,diabetes or heart disease runs in your family

9. Exercise regularly

10. Talk to your doctor about being tested for CKD if you’re at risk.

Your money helps us save lives


C.Alv.B said...

Lol..anyway, I've made a periodical donation to KNF twice a year.. God's give us His love so shared it to others..

Dee Luke said...

yea..yea...we are supporting the same organisation? that's great! i like to hear that...God Bless Us all

modandi said...

nice blog :)

Dee Luke said...

modandi, thanks for the comment! :)

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