March 1, 2010

New Chapter

Starting a new job isn't fun. Never imagined it could be this busy...way to different from the last year schedule. Almost every day I have to wake up early in the morning and come back late in the evening...I feel tiring all day long. Can’t wait to go home early.. It’s definitely far away different from my previous experiences...but 1 thing still remain the same...the word “temporary” myself also don’t know when will the word “temporary” will be gone in me.

Starting this new job can be considered as another waiting point for me in hoping new hope in searching a job. I know I’m a bit stressful and blameless to be waiting again. But, I believe there’s a reason of everything that happened in life.

Yes, I am so excited but very nervous as well, very full of doubts... Will I like my new work place? Will my future colleagues treat me nice? Will the work itself justify me and everyone around me? Can I deliver everything effectively? Will I maintain my composure and won't get overwhelmed...

I have to say it again, this is definitely a new journey... I am hoping to conquer and hurdle strongly. I need to battle myself out of my comfort zone, I can make a difference.In your hands my Lord, I pray.

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