March 9, 2010

Why it has to be this way..?

Lord.. stick with me

I realize
It feels like something is goin wrong
Have plan it well..
Struggle for it...
A dreams that I always longing for

don’t know why
It's seem to be so hard for me
Did I've done anything wrong?
Or God have another plan for me...?
Maybe it’s not what God want me to be
I guess..

Or else..I have to wait again...?
I feel pain ...such a failure in me
Broken inside...nobody know
How’s it feel to be waiting again
Why? Why everything has to be this way...?
don’t I deserve it...?

I'm trying so hard...
to be better person...and have a better life...
What should I do...?
should I change my mind...?
And dream of another dreams????

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