April 27, 2010


Lord..help me

Can anyone hear me?
Does anyone see me?
Why,Why do you treat me this way.
I am feeling rejected,
Or is it because i am?
What did i do,to deserve this pain?

This is not what i want.
So will someone tell me why i am
Being rejected.
I just want to know whats going on.
and what did i do to make me invisible to you.

I can see that I'm not wanted.
I can see that I'm rejected.
But for doing what?
How can you treat someone this way?
But i will never know why,
i am so rejected.
p/s~ This poem is about being rejected, it is just a poem i mean i was kinda thinking about it..
i dedicate this to someone who make others feel this way..
God Bless You

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