May 21, 2010

I'll be leaving soon

It's a bit frustrated to leave when you never thought of it...I hate this feeling, but I have to. There's still 3 days left. I wish I could stay more longer but... I have come out with this decision so hopefully everything will be OK then. At the moment I just can't think of any plan to be done..but I think I need to be free from this whole situation and will come back with the new "me". Lord, I still believe everything happened, there's is a reason of it.

While counting the days to leave the place..I wanted to give "all out" of me so that I'll be leaving for good and I can satisfied myself too. But I know I'm going to miss those funny, crazy and enjoyable people who had become my good friend. Dear Jeyanthy, Faridah, Martin and some of the respectful senior teachers. All though we have known each others in just short period of times..but I am pretty sure I had a very best moment with you guys.

Hopefully the friendship we had made will be last forever...and forget me not.

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