July 23, 2010

New Chapter In IPGBL

It was a fairytale for me to be here.. trying so hard few times before and here I am now. It's like a dream come true.. I'm blessed to have this opportunity plus my intake mostly are Sarawakian group..so it is more easy for me in term of the culture and language.
My first week was like .. Oh Gosh! I never thought it's going to be so packed and hethic like this..? I was like, dying in the first place. (especially during the orientation week) where I fell sick and got this migraine and some sort of thing..mixed feeling and homesick..but now..thank God. I can handle it. :) yippie!
Every Saturday and Sunday is like feeling in paradise for me..because I can relaxing my mind and body from doing anything..but now, they booked my Saturday for our replacement class for raya..and I can only have time to relax on Sunday. My oh My... it was like an Army Camp in the making..haha
The first and second week for me is like oh God, I wanna go back! I want my family and friends.. I can't take this anymore...but i the end..I found this new chapter of life quit interesting..too many to explain why I am still here until today..Me myself keep wondering..Am I supposed to be here..really..? Is this what I want..? erm, I believe God has a plan in our lives..for sure to be a teacher is not an easy job..it's to deal with the life of our new generations. So, hopefully I'll be an inspired teacher for my future students..hopefully :)
So, it's the almost a month here in IPGBL..I kinda like what I'm doing now..wake up early in the morning and back home late in the evening..sometime have to go for the night class. Interesting right..? yeah oh yeah.. :P
So, this coming Monday will be our B.I.G camp in Pulako santubong...yea, I'm exited about it..I love a adventure! can't wait to do those kind of things such as rock climbing..mount climbing..Kayaking..singing and dancing in the jungle...what else arh..?? So, hopefully everyone will be happy and enjoy!

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